ArcheAge Version 3.0 Patch Notes -- Revelation

The following release notes contain information about the ArcheAge: Revelation 3.0 release.

Pre-Game Server Select
  • The server select screen now features the Demon Queen Orchidna seated atop her ancient throne.
  • Legacy Servers are now highlighted with a purple tag.
  • Fresh Start servers are now highlighted with a green tag.
  • Descriptive text about account division and access requirements to Fresh Start servers have been added:
    Players with Trion Accounts created ON or AFTER December 10th, 2016 can choose either a Legacy or Fresh Start server. No account can have characters on both Legacy and Fresh Start Servers. New accounts can only use the type of server they created their first character on.
  • Please note that the December 10th date is mentioned as a requirement but we may support fresh start account creation as early as December 5th. An announcement will be made when we formally support fresh start account creation.

Update Notes: Races & Zones

Update Notes: Skills

Update Notes: Crafting, Harvesting, Misc. Proficiencies, and Merchants

Update Notes: Social Systems

Update Notes: Miscellaneous Changes

Update Notes: Fresh Start Changes & Marketplace Changes

Update Notes: Bug Fixes