Faction: Nuia
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Purpose: It seems on every ArcheAge server there eventually comes a time when each faction is ruled by a single tyrant guild that has the power to do whatever they want to within their faction, and in turn the server is ruled by the strongest of these tyrant guilds.

We may not know their names yet, but the Harbingers of Freedom are the sworn enemies of whomever the tyrant guild of this server comes to be. We also seek to rid our own faction of any powerful guilds that would abuse our own nation.

Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where newb guilds can enjoy their experience and no single guild or alliance has a strong upper hand in server politics leaving people with the freedom to support or oppose whomever they choose. We've chosen the Nuian faction both because we aren't furry loving weeaboos, and because the strong presence of furry loving weeaboos in this game tends to give Haranyan's the upper hand.

Atmosphere: As you may have caught on if you've read this far, we're not very politically correct, and we're pretty PvP oriented. This guild will not be a good fit for you if you can't handle both of those things. However we aren't looking for people who like to run around killing other members of our faction for the fun of it, or who generally tend toward the role of a bully. We're looking for people who like a good fight, but also like to fight for a purpose. One thing you can always count on is that if you say start getting ganked while you're out doing something and let us know, everyone in the guild not busy with something is going to port in and beat the snot out of them.

We've decided that the main atmosphere we're looking to create is a balance between casual and hardcore. We're aiming for casual in the overall tone of players, winning fights is less important than having fun and getting butthurt and pointing fingers after a fight really kills the fun. However we still want to win as many fights as possible which is why we're going to help get people trained up and engage in a lot of events where we have to practice group coordination. If we say "Ship is leaving to go do _____ in 10 minutes" and you show up 20 minutes later, nobody will yell at you or get mad. The ship will just have left 10 minutes ago so that people don't have to spend their playtime waiting on stragglers. If we tell the people to hold back and you rush forward and get yourself killed, we won't yell at you or get mad. We just won't rush forward to save you because wiping the whole group isn't worth it to save one person. We're going to have single player calling the shots during battle and you'll need to listen to them and learn the tactics they are teaching you if you want to succeed. But if you screw up because you're new or the orders are unclear, you can just talk to us about it after the battle and we'll get things cleared up so that it hopeful can be avoided next time. You aren't in the army. This isn't bootcamp. You aren't getting paid. We aren't your boss. We're all here to have fun. Winning makes things more fun but so does being in a chill atmosphere.

How To Join: We are a newb friendly guild and we are not expecting to ever include any level or stat requirements, or activity requirements beyond being on enough people know who you are and don't think you've left. That being said there is actually a process to join meant to screen out players who won't fit into our atmosphere, or who will cause trouble.

1. Fill out our application here: http://harbingerhideout.enjin.com/recruitment
2. Conduct a voice interview with me. This will be done via our Discord: https://discord.gg/EU4c5VT
3. Join on a trial basis. After two weeks weeks you'll be eligible for full membership if we think you're a good fit.

Diplomatic Relations


We are a faction friendly group. This means that if you are Nuian and have not somehow made it onto our list of enemies we're your friends. We will not attack you unless you show hostility toward us, our Nuian allies, or other greens. If you have an open line of communication with us we will likely assist you against any reds or purplers when you call for our help. We're really happy to help anyone else in the faction with any reasonable request. We may even be opening up some public tradesman's manors to make fertilizer packs at in various strategic locations for the benefit of the faction.

If you do happen to be attacked by one of our members as a Nuian you should contact our leadership immediately. We will happily get to the bottom of the cause and deal with the problem whether that be to correct a misunderstanding, inform you why you were killed, or deal with the member responsible.


We classify tyrants as any powerful guild that uses their strength to abuse the rest of the faction. Also known as purpler guilds, tyrants within our own faction are our number one enemy. Our members literally have no code of conduct when it comes to dealing with tyrant guilds beyond a general order to inflict as much pain as possible upon your guild and "To hell with honor. Win." If you believe you have been classified as a tyrant guild due to a misunderstanding however, we are open to initiate an inquiry into the matter. Usually if we go a long time without having issues with another guild and suddenly one of your members goes out and starts acting like a jerk, we will contact your leadership before making any rash decisions. We're a bit hastier to reach conclusions if our first contact with your guild is negative or your guild has a known history of being tyrannical.

As far as red guilds go our expectation is that you will try to kill members of our faction and steal our packs. That you might attack us while we are out questing. Red guilds will only be classified as a tyrant guild under two conditions:

1. You are a guild known to abuse low level Nuians for no clear benefit (For instance max level Haranyans camping newbie questers in Cinderstone).
2. Your crimes against your own faction are so egregious that someone from the Haranyan side actually comes to us about them.


Do not contact us to tell us some of our members stole your fish/packs.
Do not contact us if you got killed by one of our members of similar level while questing.
DO contact us if you feel our high level members were camping your newbs for no good reason.

"We're a Haranyan guild but we really like the cut of your jib. Can we be allies?"

We will never work with Haranyan's against the general populous of our own faction. That would be a grave betrayal of the trust of our faction on our part. However, we are willing to coordinate with Haranyans against tyrant guilds be they Nuian or Haranyan. If you're interested in such an arrangement I'd be happy to work out the details.