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Thread: Moe-rons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziegfried View Post
    Nazar is "legacy" and there are problems loggin into it for many of us. So I struggle to play on legacy and fresh alike. Not that I really care about my "legacy" server anymore any efforts I make there are irrelevant if I am trying to PvP. As for the crying on the forums this happens in every game and no it doesn't make the dev teams work slower, they have people who weed through the posts finding info about the issues and ignore the rest. (or who knows maybe they get depressed, cry, and stop working cause someone called them a mean name)
    Again the login issues have nothing to do with game servers.
    We were talking about the dc's on fs when i mentioned legacy
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    Legacy server are discinnecting people it not just fresh start login server.
    Been a month and my ticket have yet been resolve.
    My account was hacked and i lost everything
    Never Solved but not happy

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    In your head.
    People are spamming the login server for fresh start instead of waiting because you can bypass queue using a similar method. It's complicating the matter to say the least. If there weren't so many people trying to bypass queue, it'd probably be a lot easier for everyone. I doubt it's coincidence that as soon as the bypass started becoming common knowledge, there were more queue issues.

    At least, that's what I believe as a non-networking person... but it isn't exactly a complicated scientific leap to imagine that loads of people spamming logins/connects is really screwing with login stability.

    Most of the people posting on the forums either do not know or do not use the bypass. I personally don't use it. I know how to do it and did it successfully, then really reluctantly disconnected from the server and reported it. Days ago. I'm too happy to have my original IGN back to risk it just to play a little extra, even though I doubt they'll do anything to the people abusing the glitch at this point since Trion is pretty much ignoring it. Which also confuses me... I mean, fix the glitch, people realize it doesn't work anymore, and maybe less people will be just utterly ♥♥♥♥♥♥ the login servers with connection attempts... which means better stability for everyone. So I'm really confused why Trion isn't addressing it. Or maybe they are and are just staying silent. I don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmarey View Post
    Nah they care when they are demanding rollbacks and compensation and complaining blaming their dead dog on 3.0 launch lol

    Network issues such as this cant be fixed overnight - its a process
    First identify the issue
    2nd Find the cause
    3rd Attempt to repair said cause
    4th if dint work rinse and repeat

    its not like u can just make a problem with a network fixed magically that instant

    if u didnt notice they are trying to fix it
    with hardware updates to various network configurations
    It worked temporarily today but wasnt the true fix so they must continue to isolate the problem

    Crying on forums wont fix it any faster if anything distracts them from the task at hand
    Don't you think this issue would have been resolved after launch in 2014? Same issues at launch. Or Aurora? The process you're talking about has already happened a number of times. I understand that new issues can arise but this is ridiculous. A sizable portion of the player base cannot even get into the game.. shoot, I have 1 character at level 8. I've spent more time reconnecting and trying to login then i have played it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmarey View Post
    reading through forums everyone QQIng about 3.0 as if it had anything to do with the black screen login issues. Sure it started when update happened
    but the issue is with glyph and the login servers not the game servers

    Main issue everyone trying to log in at once and then instead of waiting they turn off and re-attempt to login over and over and the login server probably cant handle that
    good for you. now let me play

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