[QUOTE=Tricorn;2492404]Hey Quillodon, I know you're not the direct person to go to regarding amendments, but for game text correction, you're our main man. The Fantasia of Sorcery's item passive of increasing the rank of Insulating Lens by +1 no longer works due to the changes of Insulating Lens. At level 55 Sorcery, Insulating Lens is Rank 5, and absorbs up to 2,049 damage. Previously in 2.9, it used to go up to Rank 6 when we equip Fantasia of Sorcery, which changes the skill to Rank 6, allowing the absorption of up to 2.4k damage. Kinda makes me sad because I had a gemmed Fantasia of Sorcery to combo with my Insulating Lens skill usage. That combo didn't just get nerfed, it got zapped out of existence. >_