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Thread: Login Servers Down

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmarey View Post
    Also im legacy - Dumbass read before you speak.
    LOL, well I hope your not legacy on Aranzeb, its hell with the afk timer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meridian View Post
    No one gives a ♥♥♥♥ about you and your 6 accounts.
    Obviously you cared if you took the time to reply about it
    <Leader of Essence>

    Salphira East

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    Bummer! I just woke up, tried to get back into the game and I too am getting the 'grey screen of doom' after character select. At least I'm not the only one (cold comfort).

    But at least there's no queue, which again is cold comfort, cause it looks like there aren't many people who can actually get into the game today

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