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    Goodbye everyone on morpheus west. I had a good time trolling on faction/trade/nation. To the guild dark star trading who i have enjoyed my time in so long and good luck. There is big potenetial with your guild. I have been playing since release and boy was it fun. The good ol times of contesting kraken with WANTED, TRACTOR TEAM SIX, and others against forest crow. The time in comrades where we had WANTED and wicked fighting over us to be allies. Then on to red dragon with old 903rd and RM. And finally to morpheus where i had fun with renegades and then dark star trading. I will miss the little bits of pvp with other greens such as sofia, ashbae, zei, and others all around morpheus west. I will miss you all dearly. To all people leaving this never trust solace. They will be allies with you and break alliance for no reason. There mostly carebears anyways but still. Sponge you will still be pb in my eyes for eternity.
    So long everyone

    Lorgar - retired - aranzeb
    Zealous - retired
    Dark star trading co

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    The other guild was marrijjuuAnna

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