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Thread: [MORPHEUS]<VERITAS> A Guild Story

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    [MORPHEUS]<VERITAS> A Guild Story

    So it came to pass, in the final days of the present year, that Kreirravia, leader of Lost Prophecy, lost his mind.

    He was witnessed setting fire to his holdings in Marianople dressed in the skins of freshly slaughtered yatas. Mrsweetchili was seen laying on his back, staring at the sky, repeating the words "The horror... The horror". His long-time friend, the bard Melyssan was seen on her knees, screaming at the sky "But WHYYYYY!?!" and amidst the chaos, Xerozero could be seen running through the flames trying to save what buildings he could, to be moved elsewhere.

    I found him, repeating the word "lies" as he watched the conflagration. I asked about the guild and in a moment of lucidity, he turned to me and simply said, "Take it, it is yours." Before I could reply, he started giggling as he walked through the flames. He was last reported seen wandering the back hills surrounding Ahnimar, wearing mud-caked yata pelts, babbling incoherently.

    In the aftermath, sweetchili has not been seen or heard from since, some saying that he witnessed the "Silence of the Yatas" massacre and it was just too much.

    Dejected, Melyssan followed Xerozero into the new frontier of Ahnimar, leaving the guild that they had always known to forge ahead.

    Lost Prophecy is no more... The cryptic chant of "lies" echoing, VERITAS (TRUTH) was born from the wreckage and flames.
    We will rise.
    We will rebuild.

    January, 2017

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    Veritas are the true paladins.
    Wish some other guilds would show the same example of faction loyalty.

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