I'm willing to act as a middle man for trade deals such as demos. For the moment I will do so for the cost of you coming back here and vouching for my credibility / posting relevant screenshots. Prices may be adjusted later but will always be free for faction-friendly guilds on the Nuian side.

As a leader of a prominent pro-faction guild my credibility is massively important. So in addition to my references list you also have the fact I'm protecting my own reputation to count on in assuming these deals will go smoothly.

Reference List:

Cheezed - Trusted me on a demo.
Julan - Trusted me on a demo.
Argyle - Trusted me on a demo, and I oversaw two more demos where he trusted members of my guild.
Bladez - Trusted me on a demo.
Bowjobs - Middlemanned a code trade between him and a guildy.