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    Ask the Team: 1/6/17 Q&A

    Heya guys!

    We know many of you were looking forward to the livestream today (us too!) and have many questions you wanted to ask and get addressed. So, in lieu of sitting with you on the livestream, we're moving the Q&A to here and a sister thread on Reddit.

    Toss your ArcheAge questions in here, and a member of the team will get you an answer. We won't be able to answer every question submitted, but we'll do our best to hit the most popular ones. You'll see myself and Khrolan throughout the thread today!

    The top post here will be updated with the questions and responses as we get them in, as well as our core posts in the thread. That way you don't have to go diving through the posts in order to find the questions or the answers.

    Quote Originally Posted by lapente View Post
    Are there any GM working with tickets? It horrible ive been waiting 72 hours already
    Celestrata: Absolutely there are, and we know the wait is rough. The team is currently working overtime shifts right now to catch up with the volume of support ticket's we've gotten, but right now our estimated wait times are between 5 and 7 days. The team is making progress in reducing that wait, and we are answering tickets in the order that they are received, but we know the wait is rough. They'll be to you as soon as they can!

    Can you get banned by using multiples accounts? If yes, why? You can even save multiple accounts on Glyph.
    Celestrata: No, you cannot. We allow players to multibox or play multiple accounts in ArcheAge simultaneously as long as you are playing manually, without the assistance of macros or botting/automated play software. We do ask that players not farm themselves or honor, to push the jury pool, or push zones to peace, however.

    I'm wondering what the plans going forward are going to be for the cash shop on fresh start. Is there a timeline set when items like rumblings are coming in?
    Khrolan: We remain committed to our original plan with the fresh start marketplace and that means introducing and re-introducing items that match the progression timeline.

    Please let me first immediately dispel any rumors about Rumbling Saplings (Thunderstruck Trees) coming back to the marketplace for direct sale or in a supply crate - they are not, and will not, EVER, while I'm the watchkeeper, full stop period.

    On a smaller note, I'm also committed to keeping bears and yata pets and mounts out of the Marketplace on Fresh Start to preserve the uniqueness of the Husbandry Proficiency. The items we're adding to the Marketplace over the next month include: more Legacy costumes, cool-looking-but-not-OP bound direct sale combat pets (no lavaspark, no hellhound, no monkey, etc.), and we'll probably refresh the 800 credit revelation starter bundle.

    We'll continue to provide a monthly labor stipend and mirage mounts will be coming back likely later this month or early next month. Fresh Start won't see a Supply Crate for at least another month plus and when it does the rare items will be in-line with current progression and the drop table will contain mostly consumables (Read: no Archeum, no Lunarite). Red charms and luckies will remain elusive and that's where we're at.

    I'm in-game every day and I constantly hear "meow meow meow Trion ruining fresh start by adding x to the cash shop." As you can see by the current version, we're committed. XL has done a great job supporting our vision and we all remain in lock step. It's not unfair to consider the possibility due to the past of the product but I'm asking for a little faith here based on what you've seen so far. Thanks for reading!

    Quote Originally Posted by goldr View Post
    I keep hearing from many players.. that at the beginning of the fresh start servers their was a big APEX exploit that multiplied them. Many took advantage. Has this been looked into? So the exploiters can be punish!.
    Celestrata: This exploit was already addressed, fixed, and the players were permanently banned in addition to having the items they gained from that exploit removed. This way they could not be sold or hidden away for other players to use.

    The number of players who were involved in this exploit was very small. "Many players" is very untrue, and we're talking only a handful of folks performed this exploit. Again, they were permanently banned and all gains were removed.

    The days of "exploit early, and exploit often" are well over, and players should take note that if you exploit, you will receive a permanent ban.

    Can you give us any insight on 3.0b and the upcoming KR release of 3.1? What features you are most excited for? Are there any important balance changes we can look forward to?
    Khrolan: Certainly - lets go over our 60 day NA/EU content roadmap!

    Our January update is tentatively slated for 1/25, and will include a couple new events. The Pawsome Festival be returning with the cool new pet we've been talking about and we'll have a special... rift event? o_O for Valentines Day. My favorite part of all of this is the Valentine's Day event. It's revenge themed.

    Our February update will likely headline with the Thunderwing Titan (new Auroria world boss) being added to the game, along with some minor system revision, bug fixes, and most of the missing "3.0b" bits. We're targeting the third week in February for that update but no date locked in as of yet.

    At that point, Revelation will largely be complete from a content standpoint and we'll move on to what's next to come. Btw, the stuff that's on deck is FANTASTIC. Keep an eye on Korea this month to see more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Archaelin View Post
    So, is it time to revisit the idea of having a community spokesperson, or even a community team?

    So many people feel their questions are not being answered/are being ignored, perhaps it is time to have someone on the side of the community who can directly interface with Celestrata/Khrolan and be the liaison between the players and the Trion team.
    Celestrata: I have to admit, this is a bit of an interesting question for a thread devoted to answering questions.

    So one of the reasons for starting up this Q&A IS the very thing you're talking about -- addressing folks who feel like their questions are being forgotten or ignored or lost in the shuffle of the forums, Reddit, social media, etc.

    Straight up, we like doing this stuff and we want to do more of it, but we also need to balance it with all of the other work we do. With Revelation's launch, we pulled back from a lot of our usual interaction because we were so focused on the launch itself, and then focused in on the issues players reported during and after launch. In that case, we wanted to be heads down and working to fix what was being reported rather than answering everything, especially as a lot of the same questions were coming up even after they were receiving answers in State of the Game posts and forum posts.

    BUT, there is good news, and that's the return of some of our old community interaction styles. Things like Q&As like this, the return of the Livestreams, Faction Chat Town Halls, and more will be back. We're also looking into getting more of the staff visible on the forums (I'm sure you've all noticed Mobi's joined us, Khrolan drops by, as well as the awesome daily efforts of ZamboniChaos, Hesk, and the rest of our Customer Service team) but that's up to the individual staff members, if they wish to participate or not.

    In short, we're increasing what we do for communication, and if you have one of those questions you feel got ignored, please ask it. Now is absolutely the time.

    Quote Originally Posted by schrob View Post
    any changes in fire / wave Lunarit ? Cant craft any Gems since 3.0
    Khrolan: So Fire/Wave Lunarite tiers are being added to the Metal Boxes with a higher drop rate in the January update. That's XL's suggestion and how they propose to initially address the dry spell. We'll see how that actually impacts Legacy's ability to gem and move from there. It's also possible that Lunarite will be introduced through events to help until a fix occurs at the gameplay level. We recognize it as a problem on Legacy, more than with on Fresh, due to a previous benchmark of an acceptable influx rate being established.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sockar View Post
    When are we getting the B200 / S200 ( the new cars ) ?
    Khrolan: The "new car" and related enhancements will be brought to Legacy much earlier than Fresh but I think you probably assumed that. I don't have a timetable in front of me but it'll probably be within the next 90 days. Maybe mid-March but nothing is finalized yet. It's definitely a favorite among the team here, we can't wait either.

    Quote Originally Posted by thatios View Post
    I understand your team are busy with the horrible ddos attacks at the same time as an expansion launch so I understand current delays in support and service. This also while you want to spend time with family during xmas (or in our case, sieging core)

    I was just wondering when the team that reviews the creator content programme are going to be on top of things and is there space for new creators to the game?

    Thanks for an awesome game.
    Mobi: Hello there! The Trion Worlds Creator Program is always looking for Creators and the new applications can take around 3 weeks to be fully evaluated. There have been a lot of new applications, questions, and contest entries over the holidays, so I'm excited to answer everything and meet new people.

    I assess applications based on several factors, but the amount of effort and interest towards creating content for our games is probably most important. So even if someone does not get accepted as a Creator at first, I highly recommend they continue to create Trion content and ask to be re-evaluated by emailing creators@trionworlds.com with some examples.

    If anyone is interested in becoming a Trion Creator, please sign-up here: https://www.trionworlds.com/creators

    Quote Originally Posted by Zitt View Post
    When are fresh start servers getting farm haulers and farm freighters?
    Khrolan: It's a fair bit away and currently holds no ETA. Haulers would be sooner than Freighters, but people barely have wagons on Fresh Start, so we're waiting.

    You guys said there might be another compensation in addition to the one you guys already sent, is there one being planned or you guys dropped the idea?
    Khrolan: The compensation pack we delivered included components from the two different grants we intended to do originally. We absolutely acknowledge that we're still experiencing tech issues like latency and the gray screens. Rather than compensation, I'll see if we can put together an additional pack to express how appreciative we are of you sticking with us.

    Quote Originally Posted by youtube Jasonwivart View Post
    When will lunar and stellar farms be added to fresh start market place?
    Khrolan: They're not even on the roadmap yet, so not for quite some time.

    Quote Originally Posted by youtube Jasonwivart View Post
    Why did you not open another new servers for EU/NA regions and opt to go with Over 600% server capacity? Do you realize that having the servers at that levels is causing tons of in game issues and lag? Dungeons don't work, DC are more common and the need for server maintance ever 1/2 days is not really a fun environment for your players.
    Khrolan: We're conservative in that regard because we remember the fate of "cluster 3" servers at release. They were extremely low population after the initial rush and were all evolved. Meeting the initial player demand is important, but ensuring servers have long term sustainability is more important.

    In regards to tech issues, it's important to distinguish that the problems players are reporting are not coming from anything related to server hardware. The 600% increase is well within what the server hardware is expected to perform with. But we see server stress in the high population of zones during events, hero calls, and the massive new housing zones that put additional stress on the amount of instances running at once that was not there prior to 3.0. We've improved it over the last 3 weeks, but it's not fully there yet.

    We don't like restarting and we know how inconvenient it is. Until we have a better fix (soon, tm) we'll continue with restarts, and XLGAMES is diligently tracking the cause and designing a resolution.

    Quote Originally Posted by SparxIsGrounded View Post
    So I have a few questions I wanted to get out ^^

    My first question is will there be more creator and content related competitions, activities and help for the people more interested in the RP/creating aspect of AA? I really enjoy seeing peoples fan art, videos and even fan stories.
    Celestrata: Yes, actually. A new screenshot contest is being planned (as the old ones didn't get the chance to happen due to workload), and I'll be working with Mobi to do more creator focused contests in the future. The existing Trion Creator contest has gone off extremely well, and we absolutely want to do more of that type of stuff!

    For the second part of the question, when it comes to coordinating with your fellow Creators, why not make use of the Art/Media/Roleplay section of the forums? What you described is exactly why that section was created, and it would be a perfect place to start up Trion Creator related conversations!

    Finally, with the GM support for videos... that's a hard one. It's a nice idea, but unfortunately we're not currently in the place where such an idea is feasible. We'd need to get to a time when the members of Customer Service who would normally be involved in this type of thing (Stormehawk, Tinen, Volaticus, and others) can spare the extra minutes to help out. With us doing overtime to get support requests answered, that's not something that's happening anytime soon.

    That said, running an event period much like we did for the Blood in the Sand Tournament, but only for Creators, could be possible for the future. Far in the future, at this point, but it's a nice idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by SparxIsGrounded View Post
    What I'm trying to say is can we ever expect some kind of EU representative in the community facing team that can spend time with the EU community as seems to happen in the NA community and allow us to be more evenly represented, of course the EU creators are wonderful to watch, but I imagine some players get disheartened to see their hard work be overlooked due to lack of knowledge about it or just not knowing it happened/being around for it.
    Celestrata: We absolutely love and appreciate our EU community, and we approach the ArcheAge community less like two regions and more as a global community of players who share the same game. Neither is above or below the other. While we're not looking to expand the community team at this time, we do want to make sure that all of our regions are adequately represented and receive the same opportunities as one another. Be it the Blood in the Sand Tournament which was run separately for both regions, Creator Contests that run as internationally as is possible under legal rules, or Faction Chat town hall events, we look to cater to everyone.

    If there is something that happens that anyone wants us to cover, they can always reach out to us or post about it here in the forums, and we will pick it up.

    Quote Originally Posted by SparxIsGrounded View Post
    My last question is will we ever see GMs in game anymore? I remember being level 40 something and running a pack I foud over the Falcorth Mountains with my new donkey and having a GM come up to me cuz it must have looked so odd. We had a chat and he went on his merry way
    Celestrata: Yes, absolutely. In fact, they never stopped. Our GMs do still drop by in-game to chat with players, talk in faction chat, and more. I just looked over and found our usual staff running around on the servers doing some investigation into some alleged botting activity. Even if you don't always see them in public, they are there. And that includes both NA and EU. For example, GM Tinen and myself were on Prophecy earlier doing some personal testing of the lag reports we were receiving so we could get better descriptions for the larger staff on what was happening.

    Sometimes though, they don't have the time or, for their investigations, don't want to publicly acknowledge their presence. But, when they have the time and aren't doing any investigations they need to be hidden for, you'll see them.

    Hi, great job the last 2 weeks, haven't had any issues playing the game.

    When are you going to remove Perditas from Fresh Start?, you know there is a Mod Pack around made by Plox that shows you where and if treasure chests spawned, would like an open statement about that, some days on fresh start you see up to 3 Perdita's in an hour.

    Khrolan: There's a good chance that the value of Perditas will be adjusted until we're certain they can only be legitimately obtained. We are tracking existing cases and removing gold or banning if abuse is identified.

    Another question you put an animation limiter for some skills with 3.0 is there any plans to use a similar system for God's whip since currently it is abused as hell with macros. IE being to do about 8 skills in less than a second. It's hard to react and play against that currently.
    Khrolan: We'll leave that up to XL for now since we're using the Korean version of skills and match their region.

    Any plans to work with XL on slightly increasing the drop rates for Larceny(everything in general)
    Khrolan: We intend to increase the influx of Fire/Wave Lunarite tiers through drop mechanics starting with metal boxes. Other than that, any Larceny changes will be the same as the KR version.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tatia View Post
    Hi there,

    Can we as the NA community push for content that is unique to our region? Specifically we would like to push for account bound gear for market credits.
    Khrolan: I think, and pretty much have always thought, that account bound gear (especially for non-impactful progression items) is a great idea. We've proposed things like an additional warehouse function with account access only. Unfortunately, ArcheAge still doesn't have that functionality. We'll keep on requesting it, though, for both our regions.

    Has the team noticed if the changes to taxes on multiple properties (increased taxes) has impacted the average number of properties you see players owning?
    Khrolan:On Legacy, some folks have downsized or further outsourced property management to additional characters. On fresh start, most players have between 0-4 houses due to new cost prohibitive nature of multi-plot ownership. So yes, it's definitely impacted it, and has also helped on fresh start with land availability.

    There seems to be a discrepancy between the west and east sides of Ahnimar when it comes to available NPCs. The east side has two NPC "hubs" which include all of the important crafting workbenches and NPCs (General Merchant), while the two "hubs" on the west side only include barebones raw material workbenches. Are there any plans to even out this imbalance?
    Khrolan: Ah, East vs. West discrepancies. There are many, and a lot of them are by design. The most notable are the debates between who has it easier with continental and intercontinental pack runs, festival zones, and comparative functionality as mentioned in this question. Rokhala may have more crafting hubs but that's part of the attraction to the zone. Ahnimar has an easily accessible land route out. These are just some of many differences. "Zones in ArcheAge are like NA baseball stadiums and they all have their own personalities even though the same game is played within them - someone quote me on this."

    Both of the new housing zones seem to include large amounts of land which, visually, look fine for placing structures, but are currently restricted from placing anything on them. Are there any plans to open these areas up for more housing?
    Khrolan: Historically, housing zones are pretty much set in stone. This isn't something we'd internationalize differently for NA/EU. Some zones, specifically luxury housing zones, have been re-purposed in the past. We'll just have to wait and see what XL has in store for us but my guess is they'll stay as they are for quite some time.

    Quote Originally Posted by BinaryRun View Post
    Would it be possible to post more server status updates on the official ArcheAge twitter feed? Quite often, especially during the most recent scheduled maintenance, there was no formal announcement on when the servers were available again.
    Celestrata: With all things social media we want to avoid unnecessary spam, but we have noticed that people do appreciate those messages being sent out, and we will continue to post them more often.

    Quote Originally Posted by BinaryRun View Post
    Would it be possible to have Quillodon do a livestream sometime or a Q&A on the forums? I love reading his build advice in various topics and I think it would be a cool idea to give him some formal room to give people build advice and/or talk about the various playstyles in the game. He seems to have quite a lot of knowledge about it and the way he describes builds is very interesting to read.
    Celestrata: That all depends on Quillodon. I know I certainly love having him answer questions almost as much as the sound of his voice. ^_^ Lol. In short, we'll ask. And the asking will probably include some level of bribery, such as cookies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Altia View Post
    Are there new coins/tokens slated for use in the Pawsome event and subsequent events?
    Khrolan: Most of the time there's a new_item_for_this_year00 included for the current version of the festival. Tokens are swapped around to encourage people to participate again. It's pretty much a standard procedure at this point. We've received suggestions on some sort of token conversion method between events, and even for the previous year's version of the event. While we don't have anything like that right now we may work in that direction.

    Quote Originally Posted by bhazero025 View Post
    Firstly thanks for doing this thread

    Are we going to get an upgrade ticket for our old cars or can we buy directly the b200 scroll ? (from marketplace, rng box or pack)
    Khrolan: We'll just have to wait and see on that!
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    Are there any GM working with tickets? It horrible ive been waiting 72 hours already

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    1. When are we getting the B200 (if at all?)

    2. When are fresh start servers getting rng boxes?

    3. Thanks for the hard work cele and everyone else, it's been a rough month

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    Any words on the upcoming update? I know we just had 3.0 but korea will have the next update in 2 weeks

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    When are fresh start servers getting farm haulers and farm freighters?

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    will the cash shop still be limited on Fresh start servers so it remains less p2w than legacy ?
    As im really enjoying AA again

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    When are we getting the B200 and how will it be obtained? (oh god plz no RNG box!)

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    Will you ever upgrade your Server? or atleast fix the lag That happens while for Example mistmerrow event/boss?

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    Any info about server transfer _?I can't wait ^^

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