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Thread: Probleme de mise à jour

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    Probleme de mise à jour

    Un problème sur la mise à jour du EU qui m'est arrivé déjà deux fois, je dois re télécharger (12 GO ~) alors que ce matin tout se passer super bien, c'est un problème énervant quand tu veux te détendre et que tu vois que ton EU ne marche pas. ( Sur le NA je peux jouer )

    A problem on the update of the EU that has already happened twice, I have to download (12 GB ~) whereas this morning everything happen super well, it is an annoying problem when you want to relax and You see that your EU does not work. (On the NA I can play)


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    Your problem is that there was an update for NA and you applied the update and then tried to play EU. When there's an update for one region, you can only wait for the other reigon to be updated if you want to play on both.

    eG: NA gets update, I don;t download update for NA so I can play EU properly, if I download update, I can't play EU.
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