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Thread: Returning player stuck as pirate

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    Returning player stuck as pirate

    Hey !

    I'm thinking about coming back to the game after my 6 month or so hiatus (despite the p2w, AA really is the best MMO out right now). However I'm stuck as pirate right now after switching with my old guild Color Blind then Power. Anyone would be kind enough to sell me some draught (I need 12 total) for cheap? I'm broke but I can fish to make some money.

    You can mail me ingame on my character "Lansin"

    Also, I'll be looking for a nice guild once I'm back west !

    If nobody can do it, it's np, it just means I wasn't meant to come back

    Thanks !!

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    Under the Map Fishing
    While you waiting for the draught, follow this fishing video and gain instant fame!


    Took 5 hours to do in first attempt 3 years ago... but I am sure you will do better!
    "When you do something right, it's like you never did anything at all"

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