Adventurers, we know many of you were affected by the recent sets of server downtime and errors that prevented you from logging in, and we want to offer you all a pack of compensation items. Our teams continue to work to fix these errors and make your experience as smoothly as possible, and we really appreciate you sticking with us through all of it!

To claim your free gift, visit and log in with your ArcheAge account. This item has been granted to everyone who has visited ArcheAge between 12:01 AM PST on January 6 and 4:00 PM PST on Wednesday, January 11.

All players will receive:
  • 2 Daru Warrior's Chests
  • 12 Warrior's Medals
  • 2 Bound Worker's Compensation: 1000
  • 5 Merit Badges
  • 2 Eternal Hero Potions, worth 500 honor each.
  • 20 Bound Hereafter Stones

Additionally, if you are currently a Patron ArcheAge player, you will receive 1 days of Patron added to your account. Item packs will be sent first, and then patron days will be sent afterwards in a separate pack. It is very possible you may see the item pack without seeing the patron pack and, if that is the case, please wait for 48 hours before submitting a request to customer service.

Make sure to claim this compensation pack now, as it will expire on February 12, 2017!

The ArcheAge Team