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  Click here to go to the first Archeage Team post in this thread.   Thread: Can't we change the associated country of our Glyph account ?

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    I dont know that wrong country or name can be problem till was banned becouse have info that i cannt see! and now I dont know what doing- not need account- but not want CS team named me fraud. Thay insult players again and again(((
    so write to support check name, birthdate, surname and country becouse its impossible see in web. and ask set true info or you will have problem as I

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hesk View Post
    Hello! As indicated above, if you need assistance changing your account's country, please submit a support ticket at https://support.trionworlds.com/
    And wait how many months each time we need to change country? What a shame trino!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZamboniChaos View Post
    Hey there! Our CS team may be able to help you with this if you submit a support ticket.
    I cant even sign in to the website. It just opens a new window asking me to sign in again. It takes me to the following link

    When I click the help button it takes me back to support.trionworlds.com and I have to repeat the process.

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    So a month on from everyone else, I've got this problem.
    it's actually ridiculous that many have it.

    I've already done a ticket, tweeted at you and everything else I can think of including scouring the web to find a solution.

    do you not want people to pay for the game?

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