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Thread: WTS T7 Mythic SS

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    I appreciate your suggestion that it is expensive at 400k.
    But I have received reasonable offers from this post.
    Partially due to the high expectations that I have set in this post (400).

    Your post suggests I am assuming everyone is an "Idiot" who considers this price, while Qtt is suggesting it is just slightly above expected value.
    Clearly he does not agree with you.

    Also I have no desire to sell for real money so those offers are meaningless.

    Thank you for your input though.

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    At the end of the day this is a weapon there are so few of, and the majority that exist are already T7 and bound. The weapon is worth whatever Hiroxo is willing to let it go for, and whatever someone is willing to pay.
    It's simply a matter of finding a whale who is yet to acquire a mythic weapon.

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    i think the price is ok.. but mats no.. lol wraithsmites + sturdies/etc. is a huge huge chunk of gold.
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