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Thread: WTT Apex on Reckoning for gold on Kyrios/Salphira

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    WTT Apex on Reckoning for gold on Kyrios/Salphira

    Trading my apex on Reckoning for gold on Kyrios/Salphira.

    1 Apex = 1.1k on Kyrios/Salphira.

    I will not go first - I do not mind doing 1 apex at a time, but I will not be trading first. So comes down to how much you're willing to trade at any given time.

    Will update stock as it falls/rises.

    Current stock : 62 Apex

    In game name: Qt - West.

    Mail me or pm if online.

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    Pmed you.

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    Pm'd as well.
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    Havent heard back.

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    Sorry team - all sold.

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