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Thread: What really happens when Hemox comes to Freedich

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    What really happens when Hemox comes to Freedich

    I thought since Hemox uploaded a vid of him actually succeeding at pirating for once, I thought I'd show what happens most of the time when he visits us at Freed during GT^^

    Sooo I was sailing to Freed with a full merch... there was some talk about Hemox and Celine being on the island and I saw pirates in raid gathering around the East Nui. Any reasonable person would of course steer away and park on the other side of the island since the great Hemox was there, but me being me sailed straight to the Nui, with a full merchant instead. It seemed we were Nui camping them, Celine is shown in the screenshot below, but Hemox was stealth somewhere, so shy that guy :> I wanted to ask them for permission to park my ship there, but I got no answer, I guess they didn't think it was funny :/

    The other pirates thought this was funny as *** though, so 5-10min after this, while I was delivering my packs, we reached the end of the day aka reset and it seems I got 10 or more thumbs up for my stunt xD

    Hemox did not think this was very funny though and just a minute after, my East alt got a hero call by him, so I guess he went home :>

    So go ahead, post your few good moments when you either gank me while I'm semi-afk or when you take that 1 out of the 1200 merchants I have ran in 2 years of playing. What I posted here however is what happens most of the time, you don't get anything and you go home, salty. Later!

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    Quality cringe of the day
    Hemox Fan Club now recruiting

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    men apex you soo ♥♥♥♥ing salty broo really hard too turn a trade ship with a raid of 26 vs 2 really hard xD

    one day i might back salphira and just ♥♥♥♥ on apex


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    this is really becoming more than sad....

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    you're actually more cringe than brazilians.

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