ArcheAge Version 3.0 Patch Notes -- January Update

The following release notes contain information about the ArcheAge January Update!

General Changes
  • The gold value of sport fish has been increased to similar pre-3.0 values. This means a general increase of 10-15% more gold per saltwater sport fish across the board.
  • The drop rate of costume Synthium shards from Prince and Queen’s crates has been increased. Librarian, Scholar, and Dean Research Bundles now have a much higher chance to produce costume synthesis materials. These values are retroactive to existing, unopened crates.
  • Building Management Titles crafted with the Construction recipe now correctly award Construction proficiency.
  • The issue that was causing some Abyssal Skills to de-level from 55 to 54 has been fixed. If your character was affected by this please contact support to have your leveling items returned.
  • Dramatically increased the number of objects that can be simultaneously loaded in the world. This was a primary cause of NPCs not spawning over the past month. This increased cap should reduce the frequency at which this situation occurs.
  • The cost to machine certain armor upgradables has been reviewed and adjusted to be uniform across the board. The number of wisps required prior to the January update were incorrect in some cases, resulting in a wisp cycling meta. Please expect prices on some armor crafting components to normalize as a result of this change.
  • Certain types of Shipwreck Salvaging now require a minimum level of 50. This change was levied to better control the types of actors who primarily interacted with this content. Note that all cases of Perdita retrieval are still subject to individual review and action where appropriate.
  • ArcheAge is currently working on Razer Chroma integration to provide special keyboard lightning effects for players who use a Chroma keyboard. These features are in early beta testing phases and may be enabled with the January update. In other words, yes, your keyboard really did just do that.

  • The Guild Adventure Event provides rewards for completing Auroria construction quests and is scheduled to run from 1/25 after maintenance until 1/31 (7 days). Start this event by talking with the Masked Daru in Marianople, Austera, or Diamond Shores, and finish his quest by completing one of the construction quests in Auroria! Complete this new quest daily to earn new achievements, and make sure to get all 5 achievements before the event ends!
  • The 2017 Pawsome Festival event begins on 2/1 following a restart and runs (or gallops) until a restart on 2/20. Don’t miss your chance to complete the 2017 achievements and get your own corgi pet! PS – Kirby says 'woof'!
  • The next chapter in the Prince Yateo and Princess Greeniette saga unfolds starting 2/10 and ending on 2/20, just in time for Valentine's Day. Love, I mean BLOODY REVENGE, is in the air… and you’ve been enlisted. Help the princess exact her revenge and earn some… candy? (Is there anything more ArcheAge than that?)
  • The Mysterious Invitation for the free Ember Nymph or Beer Fairy after raising a Warborn or Dwarf character to level 30 has sadly come to an end.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some characters from changing skillsets in a dungeon.
  • Fixed a graphical issue related to odd clipping on the Bloodmaw Eveningwear costume.
  • Adjusted the way Abyssal Charges were gained for offensive use of the Mirror Light (Vitalism) ability.
  • Fixed a bug that caused mobs to leash when the Mirror Warp (Auramancy) ability was used.
  • Adjusted the animation of Gods Whip (Sorcery) to be more consistent across all races.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed unintentional removal of the Corrupted Soul debuff by removal abilities like Purge (Witchcraft) and Mirror Light (Vitalism).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a female warborn from standing up after sitting down in a chair in the Marianople Theatre… what was she doing there anyhow? RP too strong. (Did they not hear what those MONSTERS did in Ezna?)
  • Fixed a bug that forced NPC quest markers to continuously appear even after the corresponding quests have been completed.
  • Fixed multiple issues that prevented guild leader delegation.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Rising Hatred from working in Skirmish and Sparring Arenas.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed haulers to pass through territory building doors.
  • Fixed a repeat text bug in the guild mission UI.
  • Adjusted the color of the Pufferfish tradepack when worn vs. when placed on the ground.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Tsunami Figurehead to become untargetable.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some UCCs from being applied to a speedboat.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed that caused some gold traders to buy stuff they had no interest in.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Antler-Accord Saddle from correctly fitting a Reindeer mount.
  • Minor text changes to Juggernaut and Ravager transformation tooltips.
  • Resolved some issues that caused a longer-than-normal character/world load time.
  • Increased the use time of the ‘Escape’ skill while carrying a tradepack.

  • Ensure sweet dreams with Socke's Lazy Day available Jan. 27 on all servers.
  • Ride the fiercely majestic Manticore, available on Legacy servers Jan. 27.
  • Pick your perfect companion on Fresh Start from a range of combat pets available Jan. 27.
  • Look for two new bundles of consumable boosts to support your adventures on both Legacy and Fresh Start servers, available monthly!
  • Is your Fresh Start package Zebra ready for the races? Upgrade it now with an in-game recipe to make its speed comparable to the recently released Mirage Mounts. Visit the Composition Workbench on Mirage Isle, and use the resulting Zebra Anima to increase your Zebra to a 10m/s version!

Under final verification with the development team[*]The gold value of fresh water sport fish (family vocation daily quest) has been slightly reduced to bring it more in line with standard labor spent to silver earned ratios.[*]Lunarite drops from Metallic Auroran Crates have been increased.