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Thread: New player Question

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    New player Question

    Is it too late to start?

    Im assuming land is gone, and gear scores have reached a point that would make coming in to the game very difficult to be competitive. I dont play the p2w or least very minimal, so is it too late?

    Thank you.

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    It's only been just over a month with these servers so I wouldn't say it's too late at all.

    Land is pretty much gone, you might be able to find some spots for a 16x16 but anything bigger you'll have to purchase from a player.

    But gear score gaps atm are really easy to close in since alot of players are still running in full celestial GHA sets and a mistsong weapon at either celestial or divine. Of course there will always be the few people that feel the need to p2w so they feel like a somebody in this game, but for the most of it you can get on an even playing field with the rest of the server for free without having to spend any gold.
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    It really is the gold-making infrastructure that's harder to build now than the gear. Gear was heavily overpriced when the server launched. Thunderstrucks and land were heavily underpriced.

    You can get caught up in gear fast. You can't get a farm wagon and good larder/tradesman locations as easily. Ultimately as the server transitions from dungeon gear to obsidian/crafted that's going to be an issue. It will take work to overcome. It's not entirely impossible at this point though.
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    Kiddo I joined a Legacy server after it had been around over a year and I got into the top guild the following year and got to see all the best content this game has to offer. I paid some money here and there mostly for direct Marketplace items like vehicle parts. This game is whatever pace you want to go at and you'll figure it out. Come on in.

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    wont be a problem
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