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Thread: Member Berries?

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    Member Berries?

    Hey guys, I don't post on forums much, but the last few weeks I have been looking at a lot of old memories / screenshots, and missing the 'good-ole-days'. I found two in particular that stand out way above the rest and feel they should be shared with the world.

    First "mythic" ship, and also first ship to have shroudlight - the one, the only, Debe. We wanted some action, and what better way to invoke action than to fill his mythic ship full of packs and take them to the sea, promoting anyone who catches us can claim our packs... west and east factions both advised.

    Our sea voyage lasted about two hours, covered multiple sea ranges, and we refused to turn in until all packs had been claimed. If I recall, Lion turned in ~5 packs in the end, because people had given up. Many trials were served that day... just... just look at that blood...

    I thought I remembered there being a lot more of us, but according to my screenshot there were only fifteen of us... against two entire factions chasing us.


    A much less memorable event, but none the less, a big group photo to reminisce on, still adorable and lots of wonderful names that are long lost.

    "Murder Prank" - never understood this fully but it was still very fun times with the fam. RIP fam

    One last picture before I go... I can't neglect to post this curious and adorable pose I have of Phobik... in all his um...loincl---glory.


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    SO funny how on Luscas screenshot Debe is dead. He was always dead loool. Say hi to Spine!!!!!
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