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This thread was a good read JS.

Also why would anyone be afraid of Diaster? They are only good when they have there massive gear gap. Which I'm assuming they don't have yet?? In even gear they are really not that good tbh.

At least the Aranzeb portion of Diaster that I know, (I'm sure they have picked up new people since then)

Not saying they are bad, just that it is exaggerated, the Aranzeb people and I have traded kills many times in early launch. Truthfully some of the best days I ever had in this game, back when they were all Man Up, Team, Wicked, ECT.

They are not gods with out there major Gear Gap is all I'm saying.
I was just getting started then it went to ♥♥♥♥. #bringbackforestcrow

PS. Disaster is not on FS they are on Kyrios