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No? I know Yelo is spreading this narrative that he beat Disaster, but the truth of the matter is that despite having more people with average overall better gear, he managed to kill Red Dragon a grand total of once during his whole time on Morpheus. Pantsu was expecting to challenge Disaster and instead they were so embarrassed by us that they disbanded a month and a half prior to Fresh Start launch.

When transfers open up one day, maybe 6-7 months from now, we'll come sweeping through Reckoning like a tornado and drop all of you guys in your epherium gear in less than a second, we'll scoop up all of your castles and wiped every rift until the only action left on Reckoning will be the tumbleweeds in Dewstone, Trion is going to close Reckoning down 2 weeks after we transfer in and you guys will be back on Salphira huddled inside of the Nui in Mirage island huddled up against each other's bodies to stay warm.
still doesn't explain why you guys weren't winning any content when we came to kyrios