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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnn View Post
    Good Morning Trion,
    I have been pretty loyal for a while to your game and I am just looking for a little bit of an answer. It seems like without the crashes we aren't getting full updates on status of the server. I am personally happy with how lag is decreasing and stability of server is going with a few, well quite large problems. Correct me if I'm wrong but reset timer (7pm est) has decreased lag tremendously due to a mass decrease in population. secondly, it seems that Archeage has a huge memory leak due to the "preventative maintenance" literally every other day. The second is killing my moneymaking. Zone timers reset and with my playtimes, every other day, i can't do anything thanks to 7hr conflicts and resetting zone tiers. Can you give a reletavly accurate estimate on when these "preventative Maintenance's" will be completed and the server can naturally progress.

    What good is you claiming to have a time schedule for DS if you're gonna keep ♥♥♥♥ing it up every other day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drpepper View Post
    keep the transfers off. just merge the servers kekekekeke
    I think they will do the cheap transfers first, to make sure everybody is where they want to be, then merge. That way the end results will be more predictable.

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