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Thread: TheDarkStorms Guild - Eanna Europe Server, Recruiting!

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    Post TheDarkStorms Guild - Eanna Europe Server, Recruiting!

    TheDarkStorms Guild , International Guild recruiting active people in all kind of nationality and playstyle. The only condition is the gearscore.
    We would like to recruit , players with Gearscore 5.500+.

    What we provide:
    1) Teamplay and various guild activities
    2) Pvp adventure
    3) Safe traderuns
    4) Usefull tricks and advices for your gameplay
    5) Teamspirit

    What we expect:
    1) Be friendly
    2) Use our teamspeak server to communicate
    3) No Non-friendly competition against guild mates
    4) No flame and hatting
    5) Respect and be as much active as you can!

    You can reach us through our Forum: http://www.thedarkstorms.com/login
    or Via Web-site : www.thedarkstorms.net
    Via Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheDarkStorms/?fref=ts
    Or in game - Eanna Europe Server , by personal message to "Leonio" , "Dreamcast" or "Fireman"

    We expecting to make even an application here if u are interested , by saying
    thing for yourself , your game experience , what u expect from the guild and we will get in touch!


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    Bump! Application on re-build! you can still contact us in game for now! Leonio Fireman DreamCast Rezzan!

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