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Thread: Dahuta East Guild Recruting

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    Post Dahuta East Guild Recruting

    Looking for active players that are willing to cooperate, gear up, and enjoy the game together.

    If you are looking for:
    - Fun
    - Teamplay
    - Active comrades
    - Experienced people
    - Heavy Gold Making
    - Lots of PVE & PVP content

    And if you:
    - Are a Teamplayer
    - Speak English
    - Are willing to learn / are experienced
    - Are able to install a voice communication software
    - Posses a sense of humour
    - Are willing to make gold & gear up

    Our motto:
    We care about gold.

    The most active Haranyan guild on Dahuta - CarebearArmy - often misunderstood as here the term carebear is not used as a common meaning but as a part of motto - we care about gold & as a bear is a pretty strong animal.

    If you still have any questions do not hesitate to send me a private message or to contact me ingame directly - Bevele.

    Enjoy your day & Have Fun!

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    You are alts, please go to the dahuta forum and stop spamming

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    Still recruting, contact me via forums or ingame for more information and/or if you have any questions for me. Have a wonderful day!

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