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  Click here to go to the first Archeage Team post in this thread.   Thread: ArcheAge Europe Hotfix: 11 February 2017 at 5:00 AM UTC (PST +8) / 6:00 AM CET

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    Ok its up, our last rants is what was needed
    Hunter of Phunts

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    You guys forgot to set your clocks from real time to TRION time. 90 min isnt even close to being up yet. So they actually got done early lol.

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    Angry really trion? reallllllly?

    WTF^^ just woke up earlier to do some thingies befor work...and what the fuc* happened?? trion sucks AGAIN !!!! did you ever think about your players? damn
    estimated time is over for 15min and you still don't got it^^ as so many other things...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stalker View Post
    Online now
    I love u <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traumbaerchen34 View Post
    No, I demand a permanent ban for all bot accounts. These make the game broken
    You demand? Really? Who are you to demand anything? Why are you people so hostile? They close the game to 'fix' it and you are all up in their faces and making 'demands'? Get real ! What a bunch of rude people you are, it's no wonder Trion doesn't listen to you, no one wants to listen to when someone TELLS them what to do. Make suggestions, but use your manners, quit acting like a group of heathens.

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    it is true

    This guy has all the reason get rekt flamers

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    And another sick one. And btw - ty for insulting and offending people who do not believe in your god. And you talk about manners. How pathetic is that?

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