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Thread: Dear Pirates and Outplayed

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    Dear Pirates and Outplayed

    Kyrios invites you to transfer over

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    Most of the people you are inviting are not looking for a real fight. Outplayed is like a bunch of rich guys participating in a canned hunt. TC is no longer a competitive guild.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anarch321 View Post
    Kyrios invites you to transfer over
    We're happy to have Outplayed back!! I remember when they went pirate and transferred to Kyrios.... to join.... NACL..... Also, pirates on tahyang?? Who told you this???
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    I second what the TO suggests: please transfer over to somewhere else. We totally encourage it and as you might have guessed I am totally not interested in having you here.
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    Yes, please go to kyrios. Then I don't have to pick a server to transfer to, I can fight kyrios and you guys at once ^_______________^
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    No way, PN has to stay!
    Mr Lion is a fine gentleman, always has quests for lord's coins available at the castle and outplayed guys never bother me when I'm doing said quests.
    Would be sad to see them go.

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