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Thread: 16 rumbling arcum tree - No thunder tree rage quit

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    16 rumbling arcum tree - No thunder tree rage quit

    It what the title says. Game is unfair and has moved on. They going tell you your unlucky. As this drop rate was like 1/4 no reason not even get one. So many bug yet they don't fix anything bring more and more content to the game.

    Good luck in future of AA as they have kill this game to the max.

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    I was never that good with probabilty but isn't that scenario a whole 18.5%
    It's almost as saying I roll a dice but I don't want it to be a 6. And it turns out to be a 6? (16.6%)

    Chance for ts from rumblings is 10% If you had 1/4 (25%) before you were way too lucky and must have benefit a lot from this depending on the total amount.
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    if thats the reason why you quit, then i gotta say: big loss xd

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    it was 10% when they came out and then they got nerfed

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