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Thread: Transferring

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    From Nazar east I see <SEA> and <Sea Dogs> actively roaming freedich and sometimes in MM, they have pretty good fights even though they eventually get outnumbered. If you are east consider checking them out, I don't know any of their members personally but it's kinda your only option if you want to pvp.
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    <SEA> disbanded.
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    Is serius Genocide????
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    Morph is dead, I do not know what's worse, but if you're nuia in morph you're going to be very bad.
    First inc left the server
    Second, they moved about 60 from the east of gs 4.5k gs - 5k gs
    third. The few inc who stayed, recruited 80% of the east and west.
    Fourth, now the east is with 25 active people, pirates do not exist literally there are only 2 people nothing else, the east has a raid of people but half are 3k gs.
    fifth. The new inc does zerg in all events, no matter the gs, because they do not have much just 10 of them have good gs 6.7k gs, the rest are normal people but being so many is impossible for the east and west to do something.
    Sixth, if are u nuia you can not touch the gold trader in fredich, if u are of the east neither.
    Seventh, with all the above points I think that leaving the server is not a bad idea, if you look for pvp, unfortunately the zerg is not good pvp, you get killed among 10 guys you really do not enjoy anything. Inc is now engaged in packs all day long in the style of the carebear but as everyone is afraid nobody does them nothing, even though they are few.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Studs Lyfe View Post
    Nazar 10x better server then Morph. Most people have not experienced Disaster and friends. I know what you have endured on Morph. Nazer East may be dead but plenty of pvp here. The normal reset raid here dose all honor content. I know how hard honor comes on Morph, you will not have issues with that here. During my server search I made alts on each server i was looking at and spoke to 6-7 random players and Nazar was the only server where they all said they liked the server and are not leaving. If you want balanced faction pvp then mabey look elsewhere but I choose Nazar because I felt the community was the best I encountered and GS average was closer to mine.
    If anyone says Nazar is a bad server choice then I am sure that same person would most likely smash thier head through thier monitor playing on Morph for a few days. GL
    I agree. Nazar has some problems but so does every server. When my guild does stuff together we have a ton of fun and I learn stuff from them every day. People say it's dead, but there is plenty going on if you get out there and do stuff. My guild isn't the only good one either, there is at least one other in the East worth the time and effort.

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