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Thread: Luckbeard Island Server wide free for all prize fights!!

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    Luckbeard Island Server wide free for all prize fights!!

    If anyone is left who ever knew me as Shadow, I have retired him and now main on my Warborn, Regosichar.

    My new mission is to host weekly Free For All prize fights open to the whole server. Each match will come with a reward for the single victor of a 1000 gold. Also, all non combatants who wish to attend as audience members will enjoy a /random chance to also win 1000 gold. These matches shall be hosted at my mansion on Luckbeard, named Plantation, owned by Shadow and open to public (at all times)

    I am funding this, and as I find ways to stabilize and ensure more weekly income, i will increase the number of matches and /random draws.

    This idea has been a long time goal of mine, and the purpose is to create content that can be enjoyed by all players of all playstyles, RP, PvP, pro community, gankers, pirates, duelers, sneaky non combatants, muscians and partiers all, you are all welcome. I wish to see our server become strong and nuanced, and I feel hosting events like this is a great way to improve our server and establish a sense of cooperation between all players.

    Feel free to /whisper or write me on Shadow or Regosichar. Shadow is largely retired, i keep him as a farmer mostly now. The way to win the free for all is this; Shadow will be sitting in the crows nest of his cutter in the lagoon, not far from the shore of my mansion. the participant who is able to climb the mast and deliver the KILL SHOT on Shadow will be seen be me, passively watching through Shadow and screen shotted. I will announce the winner each week in this thread along with the screen shot. following this moment, I will ask the members of the audience, which may include fighting participants at that time to do a /random roll. Ties will split the 1000 equally.

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    hahahah awesome idea and game, your poor ship is going to get painted red
    Selex Devil of the West
    Takes More Then You

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    You could just mail PVA the gold directly.

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