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    Name Changes are BACK!


    You may have noticed that a familiar service has returned! Please welcome back Character Name Changes to the fold, joining their Character Server Transfer bretheren.

    If you've been interested in changing your character's name, then don't hesitate. Get your name changed for 1,400 today by visiting the Glyph Shop and clicking on the Name Change service button.

    Also, be aware that Name Changes and Character Transfers share a 30-day cooldown with one another. Once you choose one, you will be locked out of both for 30 days.

    Happy name-changing!
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    Scammers and griefers rejoice!

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    This is awesome news to hear!

    Do you guys have any plans of releasing names from unused characters that haven't been logged in for a certain amount of time? I would love to shorten my name, but the player that has it on my server snagged it when the server was Fresh Start and hasn't been seen for a long, long time.

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    Is there a specific timer on the release of names from deleted characters? As in, will a name become available as soon as the character is deleted? I have a name saved on an alt & I'd like to delete the alt, then name change my main. Was wondering if there's any sort of timer on that besides the 30 day cd on name changes
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