Heyo all!

Are you new to the game? Questing alone and want to chat with some guildies along the way? Need help? Join the family!

<Dungeon Crawlers> is a PvX, family-friendly guild that's focused on getting everyone settled in and moving forward as a family (guild). We have trade pack houses in several zones, haulers, land for non-patron guildies to use until they get patron, and plenty of people willing to help a friend in need.

We are NOT the guild for you if:
You like to "purple" (bloodlust).
You are VERY PvP-oriented

The only thing we ask is that you don't speak in a string of curses on Teamspeak; this is a family-friendly guild and the occasional "****!" is expected, but some of us have children and they don't need that vocabulary just yet.

Holler at Mashem or Nahla in-game or send a message by mail if you're interested.

Hope to see you! ^_^