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Thread: Top PvPers on this sever.

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    reeeeeennnnkeeeezzzyyyyy trying to take it eazzzzyyyyyyy wattup homes

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    murdering the weaboos of Kyrios, one bad dr at a time ^o^

    some aren't bad, others make me sad xD lots of ppl to kill tho
    Kyrios <Outplayed>
    Tahyang <Focused>
    Aranzeb <Focused>
    Aranzeb <Virtue>
    Ezi <Virtue>
    WTB Actual Computer, ♥♥♥♥ Laptops
    "I don't just rush in and die in mass pvp. I make gurgly sounds and ♥♥♥♥ when I die. Go out in style ♥♥♥♥♥es." -Renkaii

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    Who u callin a weaaboo!? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notdurpmen View Post
    Ahh man such a basic thought process. "He called someone a hacker that must mean they beat him" ahuehuehue but yet the majoriy of people I call hackers are people I kill on a daily basis. The ability to recognise someone cheating vs blatant crying wolf are very very far apart. You can observe:

    Could you please explain? The only person who does that is buffy who also follows your same thought process that I must be a hacker. However she thinks so because I would constantly kill her in the same place while my alt was sitting there watching...........She even made threads on the forum about how that was harrassing her.

    CoK had the balls to constantly dominion people who dommed them for packs in safezones and they would constantly fight over and over again in world PVP.

    Just like drug lords don't have time to run a business and be a drug dealer.
    LuL ppl still clicking in skills? lmao

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    #Luciferius/Mungbaen for rolling skullknight in 1v1.


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    Cool Says who?

    Just like drug lords don't have time to run a business and be a drug dealer.[/QUOTE]

    Says Who?

    All hail Drug Lord Tbone aka Babelfish

    When you got 350k in a matress come at me

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