Just came back and played prior to 3.0 I used to do larders for gold in land or cross continent to east. But now since they removed shatigon's blessings (cheaper resources because it uses vocation) it now uses 1 royal seed PER larder. On my auction cluster 1 royal seed=9g. That -9g loss plus the mats alone make doing larders no longer worth it... u make the same if not less that u'd get from regular/fertilizer packs... if not less gold now, that is also not factoring in how much labor it costs to do larders versus regular packs. Even if u bring those larders for resources like charcoal u don't make that much more... and it depends on the cost of charcoal stabilizers on ah and royal seed prices on ah. It only takes 1 ship full of larders lost too to make it not worth it at all. I can only justify doing it now if u received the royal seed yourself via farming. Is there any other way to get it?