So I Am Leaving.
I could go on about 3.0 making it too hard and 3.5 will make it worse.
But why?
Neither one did or will. I could and still get apex to get my accounts (I have 5 of them).
And although at time had trouble doing so, got it.
I did not like the changes in 3.0 (OMG if you're going to kill the small farmers, can you
take off the stupid 'follow' for large farmers!...8 freighters at one time!), but I
dealt with them and still made money; still made apex. (But I cursed them in my mind LOL)
I'm leaving cause I burnt. It not the workstation quests or the Blue Salt Brotherhood or the merit or just logging in to make sure you get those 5 loyalty tokens...see now I complaining.
For those who did not see it.(Sarcasm!)
For those who say,'I'll be back', no sorry I won't. I've seen 3.5...and if not that, I have seen Reddit..I'm done.

SEND ME A WHISPER or MAIL in game if you on Aranzeb! YES IF YOU ARE WEST, EVEN THOUGH I EAST CAN SEND YOU STUFF. Make an East alt if need to whisper. You have until March 9th then I join Ripley.

Take care everyone, I had a great time

Last known survivor of the USS Lost Unicorn

Reja out

...we still waiting to hear on the the others..cause they still out there,,