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Thread: Honor point system totally needs to be reworked

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    Honor point system totally needs to be reworked

    Honor points system is just dumb.
    Basically everything in archeage is tought to slow down the user, but honor points might be particularly frustrating in some occasions:
    Do archeage developers even know what a tank is?
    Well, a tank is what stands in the frontline, in a raid, and gets everything but honor points.
    I am playing archeage since 2 years and half and i could only fill one item with honor points gems, while i see players partecipating at events with 4-5 accounts and getting extra honor points for their tradable items.
    Succes chances for socketing gems are ridiculously low and a player who needs to socket a bound item are limited to a very low amount of try, the honor outcome this game has is ridiculously low aswell.

    Basically ingame you have (less or more) 2 Rift events (500 each), Luscas event (~1200), Halcyona war (500), mistmerrow (400 + 400 with kadum boss) and abyssal attack (500).
    Also you have arenas, 1 v 1 reward around 220 honor points each.
    Killing a player instead grants you 1 - 40 honor points depending on how much you contributed.

    Tho, for partecipating to all events you would need to be online at least 5-6 hours a day, wich is not really possible for everyone, also, since this game is pointing to slow down users as much as it can, many players left, and it's nolonger possible to get honor points from some events since there's noone joining those.

    Arenas aren't a suitable source of honor points for the same reason, noone joining arenas since servers are empty.

    Tanks, as said, most times do the dirty work in raids but gets rewarded with -10 honor points usually.

    Since noone is doing anything to populate empty servers, could we get an easyer way to get honor points income wich doesn't force us to be online 24/7?
    i am not asking a honor multiplier Event, i ask a different way to get honor points.

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    The gems are exclusive in the honor shop, you have to kill people if or to get that, and if it costs, it costs a lot, and more will cost in 3.5 because it will be the little RNG that will remain. (Based all their market on the socket)
    Making Arena you earn very good points, enough to make several attempts daily in your weapons.
    Then you have the PVE (get paid with honor to kill mobs). Are about 3k extra honor without having to go out to kill people.
    Added to 1k you can do with the arenas you have enough resources to save.
    Archeage does not stand out because it is easy, it is a hard game, with many injustices and imbalances.
    And I think there are more important things to repair first.

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    Arenas are empty.
    And you have very little amount of attempts daily if you don't play 7 hours a day.
    and i know it's a hard game but please.. this is too much.
    The pve honor points you talking is difficoult to get cause servers are empty and noone even doing the rifts or anything.

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    What they really need to do is implement a system to track honor point farming through killing alts and friendly reds. This abuse of game mechanics is used frequently by blue pirates to avoid turning into real pirates.

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