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Thread: Ayanad Earring Quest

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    Ayanad Earring Quest

    As anyone who's done this quest line, or looked into it, they can tell you - it's a grind. Which I'm actually fine with. The part I'm suggesting changing, is to allow people WITHOUT the earring into the currently "earring only" parts of the library so people doing the quest can get help since almost no one actually DOES this quest anymore. I'm on fresh start and I know literally 0 people doing this. As it's fresh start, there's not exactly people sitting around with completed earrings I can ask for help with the bosses. My friends don't have the earring and are unwilling to do this quest again, as they've done it previously, and found it too time consuming, so I cannot progress on my earring. That's their choice and I don't fault them for it, but it would be nice if they could come help me do the bosses without having to do it as well. I suggest changing the earring to make it a key for an entire party/raid so those of us wanting to do the quest, can.
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    I disagree with all of this. If you want the BIS earring, it's not hard to find four people to static with to clear all the five man content.
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