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Thread: <Inspire> NA|Kraken|West Competitive PvPvE

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    <Inspire> NA|Kraken|West Competitive PvPvE

    Primary goals: To promote faction and server health through competition and content completion.

    What is Inspire?
    Inspire is a new level 3 western guild with leadership from two longtime Kraken residents: Panty (a farmer known for accrual of vast amounts of land) and Stocking (a former officer of two of the most influential guilds on the server). Together, they recognize the need for balance between goldmaking and competitive activities and have the experience necessary to help guild members excel in each area. As a guild, Inspire is highly structured and encourages its members to constantly improve their gameplay and equipment while having fun. Take a chance and join a new guild with a clear vision, and engage in the unique opportunity to shape not only the future of a guild, but the future of Kraken.

    What Inspire will do for you:
    • Nurture a guild culture reflective of members’ personalities (i.e., we aren’t mass-recruiting; we’re carefully selecting players with specific characteristics in mind)
    • Maintain a respectable image that you can be proud of
    • Work with the goal of server health in mind to ensure that Kraken never becomes a “dead” server
    • Provide you with resources to help you achieve success (e.g., use of guild land, use of guild ships, protection for trade runs, scheduled dungeon runs, etc.)

    Who we’re looking for:
    • People who enjoy spontaneous, open-world PvPvE
    • People who are pro-west and willing to fight for their faction even when it’s difficult or annoying
    • Mature, level-headed people who can always see at least two sides to any argument
    • Those who believe that who you are online is a reflection of who you are in real life
    • People who value teamwork
    • People who aren’t afraid of change or effort for improved results

    • Maturity
    • Use of Discord
    • Ability to make gold in-game and use of that gold to improve one’s usefulness as a character
    • Enjoyment of ArcheAge
    • Willingness to interview and fill out forms as necessary for keeping track of member progress and needs

    Leadership hierarchy:
    Inspire is led in council form, with leaders being of equal rank to one another and officers being their close seconds. Leaders make decisions together while factoring in opinions of officers and members, and officers have more specified roles albeit fewer responsibilities. Before becoming a full-fledged guild member, a trial period spent as a recruit is required. This trial period lasts two weeks, during which time the recruit will be judged by leaders and officers before being offered full membership.

    Guild policies:
    Inspire has an evolving list of policies to which its members are expected to adhere.

    On guild alliances:
    1. We do not officially ally with guilds – we consider the western faction to be our alliance.

    On within-faction wars and purpling:
    1. We do not go to war with western guilds.
    2. Any western players who start conflicts against the faction during events will be subject to attack by members of Inspire.
    3. Our members may participate in any castle siege with or against any guild of their choosing at any time. This participation is for enjoyment only and is not to be construed as a declaration of war by Inspire.
    4. Members of Inspire are not to purple unless provoked by aggressive behavior. Aggressive behavior includes but may not be limited to attacking, obstructing content completion, and sabotage. Aggressive behavior does not include chat PvP.

    On chat:
    1. Members of Inspire may engage in discussions in chat. Their opinions are not to be construed as the opinions of the entire guild. The official opinions of the guild can be found in this document.
    2. We do not attack other players for the things they say. We may, however, mail random items to jerks.
    3. Overt harassment on the part of Inspire members will not be tolerated and can be reported directly to any guild leader for corrective action.

    On participation:
    1. Discord is our “home base” and primary point of contact. We use it to announce events and relay information, and as a way to get to know and trust each other. Therefore, members are expected to use Discord as an extension of ArcheAge by being connected while online.
    2. Members who are available and online are expected to participate in prescheduled guild events.
    3. Sometimes important things occur spontaneously. Our members enjoy this type of spontaneity and show up when called as soon as possible.

    Guild contacts:
    For questions, concerns, or applications, please reply to this post, message Stocking, Panty, or Maras in-game, or send a PM via the forums to Scarlettx.

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    Guild project #1 is underway:

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