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Thread: New player here

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    New player here

    Hey all iv just started the game with my brother in law and we are hoping to find a guild to help us along the way ingame .... any tips and tricks are also much appreciated from you guys.... cheers 👍

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    This server is more than dead you dont gonna find any enjoyement in it !


    i Strongly advice you to re-create an account and go on Prophecy server the newest server from dec 2016 ! (only new account can go on this server)

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    As much as I dislike the whole "Dead Server!" Narrative that people seem to enjoy, I do echo the same advice as the person above.

    Prophecy is a 'fresh start' server where a lot of players started from scratch a few months ago. This gives opportunity for a new player to stand equally with long term players. Another nice thing is the economy of the server, on Prophecy you can find and chop down a tree, the logs you produce are sort after and sell very well. On Rangora, finding the chopping down a tree is considered a waste of labour due to pay to win items being available.
    Sakuracalli (West)

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