First, excuse my English, is SO bad, i know, but is not actually my main language...


1) Mostly-PVP and Mosly-PVE servers:

Take the 2 or 3 lesser populated servers and become in Mostly-PVE servers, the rest can keep like Mostly-PVP.. ŋhow?

These servers donīt need be 100% PVE, like other games, it only need have longer peace periods, and, Sea long peace period, where PVP will become in a event.. with delimitated periods. However, it can be a headache control the famring if everyone can make packs regardless pirates or reds... Then, the solution could be lesser pack reawrds, lesser Labor points regen and/or another limitation.

The PVP haters will pass to these servers, and you will have safe and friendly archeage servers, making a good reputation about archeage community, PVP lovers will keep in Mostly-PVP servers controlling all, like always but... the rest of ppl, i mean, PVP-PVE balanced ppl, like me, will keep in PVP servers for 3 reason:

First: PVP server is better when i have less time to play, because i have more labor regen.
Second: PVP server has less ppl...
Third: PVP server has better pack reward.. obiusly, it has more risks.

2) Free-to-Play Labor Regen:

I know, i know, you want ppl paying for the game in some way.. i agree with that, but, is a great fail have many ppl AFK in the game... How many time can someone gain in all day away been F2P player?... 1440 Labor points been 24 hours online.. right?.. Ok... This is my recommendation: Take off the auto-regen labor point on F2P players while is online... And put a periodic reward system with a limit.. in example: 200 Labor points each 30 mins, only been online you will can take that reward, so, if you play 3 hours, you will have 600 labor points to expend... the same that keeping AFK for 10 hours, but, you, guys, will not see AFK ppl, instead you will see playing ppl while wait their rewards and then, expending their labor-rewards. You can call it: "Online Motivation Reward"

So, why someone will pay if there is no reason?... ok, the reasons are:

1st Patron can save 5k labor. F2P only 2k (and youa also can put in 1.500 labors max).

2nd Patron donīt need be online to gain Labor, canīt stop playing for a weekend, and comeback on monday with enought Labors to make whatever.

3th Patron will also have the Online Motivation Reward" then... Patron will sabe 5k but, he can regen 10 labor each 10 minutes and 200 labor each 30 ins online up to 600 max, it will be like buy a Patron pot, but for free.

3) No Cool-down Labor Pots:

Ok, this is the main reason because ALL internet ppl says: Archeage is Pay-to-Win... And itīs simple dudes... just put a Weekly Cool-down... Someone can use 2, or 3, or 4 labor pots in a day?, yes... but only 10 each week... so, no more ppl having infinit Labor points to make packs, or something like that.

4) I LOVE open world and non instanced content, but:

This is the main thing for me, and i love it, i love the open world concept, i love the sanbox balance in the game but, you need some dungeons, better dungeons, at least 2 or 3 dungeons, to dont damage the open-world concept.

5) Mini-Ranch house... I think you need put a mini-home in the options, i mean... a 16 x 16 farm with a minihouse in it, with enough space for one chest and one bed... itīs all..

6) We need some reward for kill pirates or reds.., not only Honor Points at War, nope.. we need more, to motivate ppl to defend theirself and try to do PVP... I know something like Lineage with item drop system for PK are TOO agressive for this times, but, we need something like "Most Wanted Hunt"... a quest based on kill Killers with a big reward... Because, when they kill ppl can stole their packages, but, what can we gain for kill them? Honor Points? i can get several from quests, so, why kill reds or pirates?.

7) Dudes, PLEASE, get low the price on make and put skins... I know the reason, make ppl buy customes, but, dont worry dudes, ppl will pay for the custome what they wants, but, itīs absurd look horrible for not have enough money to skin a horrible set, it make ppl left tha game, mainly the girls.

8) Archeage is the most complete game EVER.. i LOVE it, it needs just some more things:

Wedding system:

Put a quest family to marry with some family mate.. Then, they will gain a title like: "Married" with special buff when they are playing together in party, and, another stat in stats window: "Partner: JohnDow"... There can be so hilarious and cool.. Just imagine ppl from enemy guilds been married?.. cool no?..

9) Did you played Lineage2?... Ok... We need a special underwater and underground open-dungeon (non instanced), in PVP zone and under-sea. Ppl can play during all week leveling, and farming there while get some item, then, they needs pay the contribution (give the item to NPC) then, the faction with more contribution will have the control of dungeon during weekend, then they will can kill the boss.... but, randomy, if loser faction collected enought items, the boss, while is been attacked, can use an skill like: "Forced Portal" to open the entrance for 1 min to enemies of the attacking faction..

Why in this way, because players will keep farming in that dungeons, and doing PVP inside to take the control on weekens, but, the another faction, even kwnowing they will lose, can keep collecting items for have the chance to get zerg the winner faction while they are attacking the boss...

10) We need more reds in Nazar, i am not sure, but, maybe giving XP boost to Reds, or something.. no?...