Ursa Major is a pro-West PvX guild made up of players of wide and varying AA experience, currently recruiting all classes and playstyles, focused on progression. We are new-player friendly, and always willing to help and answer questions.

We are always looking for great people; gear can be obtained, we can teach mechanics, but a dedicated active player who values teamwork is hard to come by.

While you wear our guild tag, you are representing our guild at all times. Anything a member does will reflect on the overall image of the guild and all fellow members, so ensure that you are a positive influence in the guild and the game.

Our requirements:

- 18+
- Use Discord (it is our primary guildchat)
- Main characters only.
- Active mature players only.
- No purple-for-profit/scammers.
- If you're online, and we put out a call for assistance, be there.
- Zero tolerance for drama.

If you are interested in joining our growing crew, please contact me in-game either by sending a tell or through in-game mail.

Safe travels and good hunting mates!

~ Aluyen