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Thread: Coinpurses

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    Question Coinpurses

    There have been many threads since and even before the 3.0 launch about destroying Larceny. As we all know coinpurses are trash. Crates and lockboxes is the loot you are after.

    But what with the 100's or 1000's of coinpurses you farm? Just destroy them or...

    Craft crates using a certain amount (20-50) of Coinpurses (using labor and certain profiency are needed. Higher tier needs more labor/profiency)
    Craft the bronze lockboxes by using a high amount (100-200) coinpurses. This also uses labor and requires a high larceny profiency
    Craft Aurorian Metallic Boxes by using a very high amount (200-300 or even more) of Prince's/Queen's Coinpurses (labor and maybe max Larceny Profiency needed)


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    The metallix boxes are not even rare enough to make them cost 200-300 of normal purses, I get like one crate per 50-75 purses, so LOL. Besides that: I like my purses, they are okayish golds (Max prof queens purse is more than 5silver per labor lul), and since I farm mobs full loot buffed anyway because I level 4 prestige cloaks, I don't even care about the time It takes to farm them.. So yeah, might be an okayish idea, but not really worth it imo.. the aurorian crates would need better loot to make up for the potential gold lost in using these purses, since you kinda maintain the labor cost by making the crafting cost labor (not as much as opening ofc, but still costly I guess)
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