Zeal is recruiting - International Haranyan Guild on Eanna!

We are looking for active and motivated players to join our guild - here is some information about us:

~ On Eanna since the server merges in 2015
~ Current members: 64 (no alts in guild)
~ Current average gearscore: 5.5k
~ Players from at least 15 different nationalities - guild chat and Teamspeak = English
~ Guild Level 8
~ Activities: if we find time after work done Worldbosses - DGS, Kraken, Morpheus, Anthalon, Meina (also raids for interruptions), aswell as traderuns, occasionally pirating and pvp raids in smaller scale pvp (10-20 people)
~ Alliance with the other 2 main guilds on Haranya (AM ArcaneMayham, BOAT)

You might also need some information about Eanna:

~ Haranya Alliance:
Everyone is friendly towards each other but there are 2 PK Guilds on ouer side Names are : Purple Legancy Potato Repubilc they are on KOS offically.
We are in an alliance with the 2 guilds (AM /BOAT). We are doing most of our raids (especially Luscas/Abyssal) together, using the same Teamspeak server.

~ Auroria Alliance (Player Nation):
Strong in numbers and gear (average gearscore of 5.9k)
They can bring a lot of people during prime time events.
They are our main opposition in PvP events and PvE, we regularly contest eachother at these events.

~ Nuia Aliance:
Nuian started to merge in one guild and getting more active the past days (dominions/events). One of the Nuian guilds is still allied to Standby, the rest of the Nuian side is working together against pirates/sb as it seems.

~ Pirates:
Pirates got backup recently. Many geared players joined them and they started contesting worldbosses and events. They can bring about 25 people to events.

All Nations/Factions bring a decent ('decent' for our low to medium populated server) amount of players to most of the events in prime time, after work/school. Haranya can bring up to 30-45 people for late Mistmerrow and Luscas/Abyssal for example as well as early Halcyona on some days, but the majority of events consist of at least 50 players upwards.

Now to YOU, what do we expect you to bring?

~ Motivation
~ Social decency
~ Decent English (for Teamspeak and guild chat, you are not forced to speak if you do not want to, just listen)
~ 5.5k+ gearscore is what we would like, but less is negotiable


If you are ready for a challenge, then send me a message here or contact Dunkelherz(me)Guildleader/German/English

German Officers:Aeglis,Dunkelherz

French Officers : Ethelle,Chatondiscow,Burning

English Officers: Majehmaru, Whoami, Newsun

Polish Officer: Dps

Italy Officer: Newsun