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Thread: @Trion, Let Scented Leaves also make Aged Larders

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    @Trion, Let Scented Leaves also make Aged Larders

    Both Royal Seeds and Scented Leaves should have a path to making larders.

    This would have the benefit of actually having a use for Scented Leaves, since right now they are generally not used for anything but Experia Plants. It would bring down the price of Royal Seeds and eventually average it out for the price of Scented Leaves.
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    woot scented leaves are used in bundles dont do this plx

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    /signed, would give people a little choice.
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    I think this is a good idea. Scented Leaves & Royal Seeds should either be merged into the same item or used interchangeably.

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    or just let it the same way since larders are still good method to make massive amount of gold.
    ofc lazy people - driving save-routes only - should get nerfed, but doing longest traderoutes is still extremely profitable.

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