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Thread: Most popular server?

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    Exclamation Most popular server?

    Hi all,

    Just want to know which is the most popular server now?

    old player joining back

    Thanks all

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    I'll be basing my rankings off what the best PvP servers are, since these generally seem to be the most populated. My list won't be accurate of population, but will tell you where the best PvP is. I don't play the game much anymore either, so this information may be out of date or inaccurate. This list also excludes fresh start.

    #1 - Kyrios
    Kyrios on NA has been and probably always will be the highest population server. Most big guilds end up transferring here at some point for pvp. You could say that Kyrios is "the official pvp server." I can't speak much for factions, nations, and guilds, but I'll attempt to give you the rundown.

    1. GG Nation - Consists mostly of DISASTER and their nation they formed on Morpheus. DISASTER is the self-proclaimed #1 guild in NA, and have generally been a strong fighting force since their domination of Aranzeb once upon a time. Their time in each server has been rather short, since they're always moving in the search for better and better PvP. In Kyrios, their nation is currently the dominating force, using their high numbers, high gear score, and above average skill (on some players, most of their Morpheus nation players are rather sub-par skill wise. It naturally comes with free farm) to completely take over any competition. (Thundahawk makes many videos around DISASTER and the GG nation, check him out on youtube)

    2. FEMA Nation - This nation was created long before the GG nation was created, and it was created specifically to fight DISASTER to prevent them from freefarming. They are by far the biggest conglomeration of guilds that NA has ever seen. When the nation was created, they used their majorly superior numbers to zerg down DISASTER, and ended up taking most of the content they bothered to contest. However, fighting DISASTER is a war of attrition, and as the fight went on, they lost a lot of numbers up until the formation of GG. Granted that they lost all of these numbers, they are still a dominant force and contest DISASTER whenever they can. They are still strong, and they have held a war of attrition with DISASTER for quite some time - the first people to actively hold a fight against DISASTER. (Check Kyrios forums for videos, I haven't checked recently but I know they make some videos.)

    3. Everyone else - Most of the rest of Kyrios is far behind the bar of competition. The East on Kyrios is nearly dead, and the West must ally with DISASTER in order to come together and coordinate enough to contest content. GG, as far as I know, is allied with the West. The East no longer has the numbers and coordination to contest with Not Bias disappearing from the server. If you're in one of these two factions, your end goal is to join either FEMA or GG in hopes to get in on the content fight.

    This server isn't for you if you're low geared or not very great at the game. You're better off going to a lower pop server to farm up for gear.

    EDIT: There is a new introduction to the Kyrios server - The Barcode Nation. This will be replacing the slot of FEMA, but I will leave FEMA's description there for history's sake.

    2. IIIIIII Nation - Barcode is a guild that has been actively free farming for the past couple of months - recently transferring to Kyrios looking for top level PvP. This guild originated on the pre-1st merge server Calleil, and when the servers got merged into Hanure, they were instantly a strong force. Up until recently, they free farmed Hanure with an iron grip, accumulating new members and ludicrous amounts of gold before transferring to Kyrios when they became available. They were the primary guild of the FEMA Nation, despite Alpaca and Gank Bus being the sovereign. As the FEMA Nation progressed, and Gank Bus and Barcode grew farther apart due to conflicting ideals and the stressful job of fighting DISASTER, they were eventually split. Barcode made the new nation to get away from Gank Bus, and to have a nation where they can actively recruit new members.

    #2 - Salphira (hear me out)

    Salphira is a server that has traditionally been rather low numbered, and has almost always been the home of a free farming zerg. Guilds like SlayerS and oso in the past have free farmed the server using high numbers to basically control the server.

    However, in recent days, Salphira has been really active PvP wise. With the introduction of a revitalized East and the transfer of Pokedex, along with the transfer of many pirates, Salphira has turned into what we could call a much smaller Kyrios. Salphira is completely packed with small scale pvp, and there are even large raids during most of the major events (red dragon, kraken). DGS is almost always taken by the pirates, since most of them are BRs, and Red Dragon almost always goes to the East, since they are the #2 dominant force and pirates have a hard time taking Dragon.

    Faction/Guild strength:
    1. THESQUAD/Bonanza is Bad - Most of the West on Salphira transferred into this guild, and many pirates transferred in, in the hopes that they could return Salphira back into free farm. They VASTLY outnumber the rest of the server, although there are a few key players that really make them who they are. These guilds also fight using mostly melee with a couple very high gear score mages for CC. Since most of the sea content happens early in the day, and they are mostly brazilian, they get most of the mid-day sea content (if you're in the US). This includes DGS and Kraken. They contest Red Dragon when they can, although the East generally ends up getting the dragon due to being unable to fight a drawn out battle. They are the strongest guild on Salphira, and until they lose numbers, they'll probably stay that way. (If you want to see how these guilds play, check out Xab's videos or check Salphira forums.)

    2. Pokedex - Pokedex is the East guild the recently transferred into Salphira. There is a lot of controversy surrounding which guilds and what server they came from, and while guesses have been made, there hasn't been any real confirmation from Pokedex. This guild fights mainly using their high mechanical prowess and gear to attempt to fight back against THESQUAD. Pokedex is a generally low-manned guild, so they end up working with the East to contest content. The main problem with Pokedex is that they are generally low manned - but they contest well considering the number disadvantage. They are the second strongest guild because of their leadership and high mechanical skill. (If you want some videos of how the East plays, watch some of Squanky's videos or check the Salphira forums page.)

    3. The East/We Few - The East by itself is worth a spot on this list, because outside of Pokedex, they are still relatively strong. The East has always been exposed to free farming guilds (since most of the guilds that have free farmed on Salphira have been East), so they have had exposure to content before. The East before Pokedex came had a major lacking in leadership - and they generally couldn't come up with the leaders and people to contest for major content. With the introduction of Pokedex, they have worked together to take major end-game bosses like Red Dragon. They are around average mechanically, although they are behind the bar in terms of gear and numbers. (Once again, Squanky's videos will show you how it rolls.)

    We Few is tied with the East since THESQUAD was created to fight We Few. We Few has lost a lot of their active numbers and leadership, making them generally unable to contest content despite having high gear.

    4. The West - The West on this server has mostly been absorbed into THESQUAD, making them a generally weak force. They can field a little over half a raid for major events, and they do have the leadership to do so, but they lost many of their high gear score players to THESQUAD. They are by far the weakest force on Salphira, and generally they have a hard time. They are able to contest content, but they end up getting outmanned by both of the other sides.

    This server is the compromise between top pvp and carebear. You should come in expecting the gear score to be lower than Kyrios, but not low enough that Soulforged will get you in the competitive scene, as it should be.

    #3 - Kraken

    Kraken is more populated than Salphira, but I don't have enough information to make a proper judgement on its ranking. Assuming its population, I'll also assume that the PvP is decent. I'll get on looking at the Kraken forums and videos to see what's going on here, as well as getting info from inside the server myself. This #3 spot is a placeholder.

    #4 - Every other server

    Most of the other servers are either controlled by dominating guilds or nations. It's either that or most of the pvpers of other servers have transferred off to go to other servers. Kraken would be a good place to go for PvP, but not nearly as good as Salphira or Kyrios. Morpheus, Hanure, and Aranzeb are mostly dead, and Tahyang is controlled by a player nation.

    It should also be said that I don't have much more information about many other servers, as they aren't talked about much in comparison to Kyrios and Salphira (at least to me).

    This is only my view, but I gave you the rundown of what I think are the best servers. Sorry for wall of text.

    TL;DR, #1 Kyrios, #2 Salphira, #3 Kraken, #4 Everyone else

    EDIT: Added new nation on Kyrios, Kraken placeholder slot for #3


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    Reckoning, by a longshot. After that I would say Vengeance, both are Fresh Start servers. As for legacy servers from what I've been reading it is Kyrios and Kraken. Depending on your investment in your old character you may want to transfer your old char to Kyrios or Kraken. That's up to you to decide.

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