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Thread: Quires for Journals, How do I journal entries to stack?

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    Quires for Journals, How do I journal entries to stack?

    I have been collecting Rudals, Marian's, Iyor's etc journals and I am almost out of room. I looked on the AH for the quires (which combine 10 pages a piece I believe) and they are expensive (200g) I wanted to try to get them myself. I have looked high and low for someone to tell me how they are acquired but no answer to be found. Are they specific locations or are they random drops as well? Perhaps I didn't understand and there is something else that combines 10 pages and then it becomes the quire? Can someone explain this to me! Thanks.

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    Rudal and iyor quiers come from bags found on exploration spots but not all spots have them ofc its rng thats why they are quite expensive
    Not 100% sure about marian and alecto but one or maybe both can be found in sunken treasure chests at the north edge of castaway strait where the big "city" like ship wreck is.
    I think some may also be found near sea of drowned love entrance at the south edge of sunspeck sea where the sunken pyramids are.
    As for the storaging best way is to have an alt and store all on him. You can also store them in your mail (just mail them to yourself) but carefull cause the mail disappears after a month so be sure to resend them!!
    Also best is to try and collect them one at the time and start looking for other once you finish one entirely!
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    would anyone sell #1 from Iyor to me?

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