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Thread: Visit Nazar!

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    Visit Nazar!


    I am sitting in front of the computer reading what these minors are writing since the day I came back to my home server Nazar; and I cant take it any longer. With leeching off of mature guild, they are itching for some "pvp". What the ranking information of equip gear in Nazar shown is an illusion to what really is in Nazar. Sure there are few with 7k ~ 8k gs on the server but guess what? 0 pvp skills and I proved it HERE. I am currently a West citizen but willing to turn pirate any time when you guys are interested in visiting. Or if you would, send me 2 healer and 3 - 5 dps to farm gold. For more information, either reply here or message me. Your ticket back to Salphira will be helped by me.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Back away from our server

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