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Thread: The Irony

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    The Irony


    Been traveling servers to find a group of players who are interested in taking down Disaster. Outcome? pretty dam hard to find -honestly. With the events that happened for the past few months, I saw many potentials but the players were unwillingly participate in such dominance. However, I kept up with KGB since the day they transferred to Nazar after their PN being destroyed, hopeful of their revival to take down Disaster and my contribution to carry the momentum. However, this picture shows it all:

    Didn't work and turns out, they are just as salty as Disaster who they claimed "We avoid being salty".

    Guess this is going to be a lonely fight.
    EZI 2014 (Cardiologist) - W
    KYRIOS (Cardiologist) - W
    HANURE (Giver) - W
    SALPHIRA (Physician) - W then P
    ARANZEB (Physician) - P then W
    OLLO (Physician) - W
    KRAKEN (Cardiologist) - W then P
    (HOME) NAZAR (Cardiologist) - W
    MORPHEUS (Cardiologist) - P
    TAHYANG (Cardiologist) - P then W
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    Erm okay...?
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    x up to join Cardio nation to take control of NA :')

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    How much more of your self-important palaver do we have to suffer before you leave?

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    It was a dark and stormy night, Cardio was on his way home from the store with a bag of gummy worms and a brand new Logitech keyboard after breaking his old one due to being camped off of GG. The store wasn't a long ways away from home, maybe a few blocks away but definitely a walkable distance. Cardiologist walks by another persons home, only to catch a glimpse of someone playing ArcheAge on their laptop in their living room. He notices the boy laughing, having fun, and not wearing soulforged gear. He notices that the boy is doing something that Cardiologist has never done before... having fun on ArcheAge. He removes his gaze from the window and looks down at his new keyboard, a drop of water hits the plastic covering, but there's no rain. Cardio brings one of his fingers up to feel his cheek another tear falling onto the plastic covering. "Why won't people help me? What have I done wrong?" Suddenly, a person appears before him and places their hand on his shoulder, speaking in a soft tone: "Just putting garbage in the trash can..." Cardio frantically looks up and scans the area, the person had vanished. He decides to go home and use his new keyboard, he decides that NOW... he's gonna make Nazar great again. Cut to black and roll credits
    Throat/Whorefu: Aranzeb
    Jerrod: Nazar
    Solaire: Hanure
    Jerrod: Kraken


    No, I don't macro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloks3 View Post
    2 weeks

    Hey it's that Omen guy

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    Hi Pseudo Hi Nazar *waves*
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    Hopefully things are more interesting by the time I get back

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloks3 View Post
    2 weeks
    Spank that peep... nvm ~Love, Kyle

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