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Thread: Bee Mount!

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    Bee Mount!

    The bubble mount achievement, made me think how cool it be if there were to be a Bee mount or Bee Battle Pet.
    Imagine a Bee mount like the bee from the beehive quest
    maybe be something equal to the value of snails or Derp Dash Donkey
    Maybe Has a small glide skill like the Pegasus, Drake, and Gryphon mounts.
    Maybe as an new achievement for completing a few of the achievements from the event. I'd just avoid doing the x10/x20 Beehive maybe x10. But If sprung out all of the sudden like the Bubble mount did, and I'm not sure if this is a new event that may happen yearly but even then have to wait a year to try again would suck.

    Aight this has gotten long, just popping an idea

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    omg it would be so kaawaiiiiiiii~

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