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    Now when reset in game Quests 01:00 AM Im LOSE today: 1 day of patron, all daily rewards gilda stars, prestige Quests daily, 1 day event, 1 bound worker compensation 1000 labor from daily buff 1250 credits, becosue cant enter to the game all today.

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    Now Login is down again can't login my alt for trade run. This is ridiculous that you can't even fix a small login issue.

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    Yes because login servers are in bad shape for past 48 hrs.

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    Bump, also was logged in EU and then got disconnected on all 5 accounts and I cant even get to server select screen.

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    Login serwer EU still down? or only I cant enter to serwer list and game. Trion rapair this problem or not, becouse no anser in report ticket to support???

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    Same problem on all my accounts since friday. Can login to NA server, but cant get in EU . I have 5 patron accounts on Eanna and last 2 days get "gods have disconnected you " at server selection EU screen. I have tried reset router, pc , rolled back the patch ect.
    No luck i expect compensation and matter to be resolved ASAP pls.

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    I managed to log today, did what I had to do and logged off. I then logged in again and just waited. Wasn't long before I was disconnected by the gods and, now, can't reach the server select screen again.
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    TRION EU Time 7:30 AM this problem started happening again, it's not our NET it's not our game, IT'S YOUR OWN FREAKING LOGIN SERVERS. Seems like random IPs or Region are having blacklisted or banned i guess? i tried VPN still same without VPN still same, switched to 3 other net services i got Still SAME. It happens everyday at after 7:30 AM EU time & automatically gets resolved after 8 hrs?

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    i still got this problem.its like 5 days and i cant log in.na is fine btw.

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