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I am still waiting until Jason puts on YT the interview. Until then its for me unsourced.
That's fair. But, to be a bit more sourced, we do talk about server populations in our interview. Some of them are under our acceptable standards (while others are still doing extremely well, like Kyrios, Aranzeb, Prophecy, Reckoning, Vengeance, etc.), and a discussion has started on how we want to proceed. Could that mean a merge or an evolution? Yes, it could. It could also mean free transfers and other ideas, perhaps avoiding a merge. All of those things are on the table, and were discussed during our most recent meeting with XLGames. We also included the community's recent postings and sentiment regarding the issue, to make sure we're taking into account community suggestions.Once a final plan is made and chosen, we'll announce it on our website and forums first, and we'll be as detailed as possible when doing it. If folks have questions, we encourage them to be asked.By the by, the reason I'm being very clear in differing merges and evolutions are because the plans lead to different outcomes. Server merges involve one server being moved into another, existing server. Evolutions involve two servers being moved into a new third server, which results in everyone having to re-claim land. There are pros and cons to both models, which are being weighed.
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